Produce your album: stages of mixing and mastering.

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A music album is a phonographic production distributed to the public in the form of a CD, vinyl record or a set of digital files presented together, and comprising a collection of titles from one or more composers, a singer, a group or a musician or one or moremix (es) of one or more DJ (s).


Mixing is the moment of truth. This is when you're going to take your separately recorded tracks and build a cohesive, clear, and punchy whole.

Mixing is really a crucial step, but the ease with which you will mix and especially the quality of the final result will depend on the quality of your work on the previous steps.

If you've done your job well upstream, mixing will be a pleasure, and you will hardly need to resort to extreme movements, like a 10db boost in the bass of the kick drum track, or overcompression. battery or other.

By being methodical, precise and by letting your artistic sense speak, you will undoubtedly get a great mix.


Mastering is an important step in which you will take your mixes to make an EP / album. You will adjust the volumes of the songs between them, add a little compression, adjust the tone of the mixes, boost the general volume of the EP, etc ...

Mastering is the final touch that will allow you to release a product that is a little more “polished”. This is the frame around the artwork. The last finishing touch.

Once your songs are recorded, mixed and mastered, you can distribute your songs. The easiest way is to sell a digital album / EP on your own website. You can also duplicate your EP and sell the CDs at the end of your concerts.

Most importantly, now you have a pro recording in your portfolio that will allow you to market yourself and increase your credibility. This is far more important than the money that is going to be generated from the sale of your songs alone. Producing your album opens doors and offers opportunities that you will have to seize to boost your group.
In conclusion, the stages of mixing and mastering consecrate the end of the making of an album.