Administrator profession of spectacle: missions and career.

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The show administrator is the administrative manager of a production or a cultural structure: company, theater, opera ... He ensures the follow-up of letters, invoices. It establishes the grant application files and sets up partnership actions with distributors, co-producers, cultural structures, companies, at national and international level.

Missions of the show administrator.

Located at a central position, the administrator also manages the logistics of shows and tours, in conjunction with the production manager and the entire team.

Guarantor of the accounts, the administrator manages the budgets and cash flow of the organizations for which he works. He is responsible for day-to-day accounting and monitoring contracts with funders. It also ensures that the artistic requirements of the director correspond to achievable budgetary criteria.

In Personnel Management, he manages employment contracts, salaries, social declarations, constitution and coordination of teams, schedules ... Human resources hold no secrets for the administrator who is responsible for recruitment and supervision. Staff.

 Career: Importance of experience

To become an administrator, knowledge of the technical professions of the spectacle can be useful. A technician, an assistant or an artist can progress to administrative functions if he knows the techniques of management and financing of a production. This knowledge can be learned on the job. Once a director, running a full-fledged structure or joining a famous national theater can be a possibility for development.

Numerous but short contracts

The number of festivals, companies and various structures is increasing. However, the volume of activity of entertainment professionals is decreasing: the number of contracts is increasing but their duration is decreasing (between 4 and 5 days on average). Few structures have the means to employ a professional all year round. Hence the large number of intermittent entertainment workers and job seekers.


Access to the profession

There are training courses in show management and administration. It is nevertheless recommended to supplement these training courses with experience in the field, as part of internships or extracurricular artistic activities: theater, dance, etc. The objective is to acquire knowledge of the stages of the technical production of a show.

Certain professionals occupying the functions of organizer or supervisor can become directors after several years of experience in the entertainment industry.
Courses offered are:
Bac + 3 level

Professional licenses in administration and management of cultural enterprises
Bac + 5 level

Diploma in theater arts and techniques, live performance administrator,
Masters in economic, social and cultural administration; administration of music and performing arts; administration of cultural institutions; management of cultural and artistic organizations; management of performing arts.
The profession of show administrator nourishes his man and arouses great interest in the range of professions.