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My Garden Flourishes Beneath the Frozen Earth

"When a gardenscape was suggested, I was reminded of the song by Gilles Vigneault that describes to me the essence of the Canadian experience. 'Mon Pays' begins: 'Mon pays ce n'est un pays, c'est hiver / Mon jardin ce n'est pas un jardin, c'est la plaine.' ['My country isn't a country. It's winter. My garden isn't a garden. It's the plain.']"

"I am also reminded of looking out over my garden during the winter and thinking about the dormant life waiting for the ice and snow to melt and the earth to thaw. What might appear to be dead is actually filled with life awaiting its opportunity to flourish."

"The work is in the form of three short dances, each a snapshot of the life about to be burst forth. I used minimalist orchestration—violin, viola, cello, vibraphone, glass harmonica, celesta, and percussion—to reflect the austerity of the gardenscape during winter."

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